Bookstore FAQs

When are textbooks available for a term?

  • Texts are generally available three weeks before the start of a term, both in the store and online at  

  • Spring 2019 books will be available for sale online and in the store January 2.

Cost of textbooks

  • The cost of textbooks is extremely high and escalates every semester due to regular price increases from publishers.  It is not unusual to pay $700-$800 per semester for textbooks. The SBCC Campus Store has a robust program of used books, text rentals, books on reserve at the college library, and ebooks to help with the price of textbooks but you should be prepared for this issue.

Debit & credit cards

  • The SBCC Campus Store accepts cash, SBCC Campus Card, Visa, MC, Amex, Discovery and debit cards.  Personal checks are no longer accepted. 

 Refunds for textbooks

  • Textbooks may be refunded for the first two weeks of the semester and the first week of the summer session (or otherwise stated on your receipt).  After that, all sales of textbooks are final.  A receipt is required for all refunds and there are no exceptions to the policy.  Please see the complete refund policy.

College catalogs

Math assessment tests

  • Math assessment tests are available in the store or online at under the General Merchandise heading.  The cost is $2.50 each plus postage to your location.  There are no English assessment tests.

Textbook buyback

  • The SBCC Campus Store conducts a buyback of useable texts the last week of each semester and the first week of the following semester. 
  • A buyback is available periodically during the semester.
  • Check book values at:  Buyback represents an opportunity to recoup a significant part of  your investment in books.  No receipt is required for buyback. See buyback for full details and conditions.