Campus Card

SBCC uses a One Card system which makes the student ID card very useful.  The card can be set up as a debit card and money allocated to different venues on campus or simply with a universal (FLEX) application good everywhere.

To put money on the card, follow these instructions:

  • Go to . Do not use www in the address.
  • Students may use their campus ID.
  • Parents use the Guest Deposit field.
  • Use student ID #, making sure to NOT use the K00.
  • Complete all the required information on the next screen.  FLEX can be used everywhere on campus, including the Cashier's  Office, Food Service, the Library, for copying and the Bookstore.  If only the Bookstore is chosen, then the card cannot be used at other locations.
  • A successful deposit is acknowledged within a few seconds and the money is then available on the card.