Transfer Basics

Transfer admission requirements can vary from campus to campus. Some campuses have very strict outlined requirements, while others have more open ended criteria. Most colleges and universities have three major types of requirements: course requirements, GPA requirements, and unit requirements.

Course requirements refer to courses that you must take at SBCC before you transfer to the receiving institution. For example: English, Math, major related courses, and other general education courses.

GPA requirement refers to a minimum grade point average that you must achieve to be considered for admission.

Unit requirement refers to the amount of units that must be completed before you transfer.

Minimum eligibility means that you have completed the minimum requirements to apply, in short you are eligible. Just because you are eligible to apply to a university does not mean you will be admitted.

Selection Criteria refers to the set of criteria a university or college is looking for in the students they select. For example, if a student has the minimum GPA for eligibility but the campus selection GPA is higher, the student would most likely not be admitted.

TAG is a Transfer Admissions Guarantee which is a contractual agreement between you, SBCC, and a four-year college or university. Students who meet and maintain stated admission and major requirements are guaranteed admission to a specific four-year college or university.

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