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Federal Work Study (FWS)

Due to SBCC going remote, there will be a limited number of Federal Work Study (FWS) jobs available.  At this point, the status of Summer 2022 is still pending.  We encourage you to apply for the FWS jobs that are available and to keep an eye open for Summer 2022.  Please note that FWS awards will not be replaced with other types of financial aid.  Noted below are the standard directions for using your FWS award.

A Federal Work Study (FWS) job lets you earn part of your college expenses. The purpose of the program is to promote part-time employment opportunities for students. If you are eligible, you will be notified on your financial aid award letter (available in your SBCC Pipeline account).  Please note that having a FWS award does not guarantee a FWS position. 

FWS students may not work more than 19.5 hours per week.

If you have any questions not answered below, please contact the Financial Aid Office via email at finaid@sbcc.edu, by using our chatbot (available at the bottom of each page of the Financial Aid website), or by contacting your assigned advisor (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of advisors).

  • You must complete and submit an FAFSA in order for the SBCC Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility for FWS. 

  • After completing your financial aid file, the Financial Aid Office will send you an email to inform you that you have been awarded. View your awards online via your Pipeline account. If you are offered FWS as part of your package, and you are interested in employment, you must seek student employment through the Career Center.

  • FWS positions are available in a wide variety of on campus departments or through the off campus A-OK program.  There is an on line listing of current available job positions managed by the Career Center.

  • NO. The maximum number of hours per week you will be allowed to work while classes are in session is 19.5 or less, depending upon your FWS allocation.  Different working hours may be available during breaks.  The number of hours you may work is also limited by your overall FWS award.  Be sure to work with your supervisor to earn no more than you FWS award.

  • You must submit a time card online by the scheduled due date. Your supervisor will approve your hours. Normally, FWS recipients can expect to be paid once per month.

  • You must:

    1. Be enrolled in 6 units 
    2. Complete required paperwork
    3. Obtain a Job Referral from the Financial Aid Office 


    When a supervisor offers you a position, you must:

    1. Obtain the appropriate signatures on the Job Referral
    2. Return Referral Form back to On Campus Student Employment Office - SS230 (Human Resources Office)
    3. Obtain and complete an employment packet.  
  • You must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units to continue eligibility for FWS from semester to semester. Remember that your FWS is only valid for the academic year offered. Once your funds are earned, or the academic year is over, your FWS position must end.