Student with camera shooting on location.

Film and Television

About Our Program

The tools of visual storytelling are changing faster than ever before, but the basics remain unchanged.  SBCC Film & Television Production provides students a strong foundation in theory, art and technology with industry-standard equipment and software taught by award-winning professionals working in the industry.

The program emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning.  Students will be handling equipment or learning software in their first few weeks of class instead of waiting for their third year at a university, and the curriculum offers a broad array of electives to suit individual interests in production, post-production, or both.

Graduates will be ready for direct entry into the workplace, or for transfer to a university to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Graduates are successfully working in Film & Television jobs throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.  For students who plan to transfer to a university, SBCC Film and Television Production students have been accepted to USC, UCLA, NYU, Chapman, Columbia, and many others.

Faculty and Offices

Curtis Bieber, Department Chair (H-230, ext. 2951,
Stephen DaVega, Associate Professor (DAC, ext. 3570,
Chien-Ei Yu, Studio Manager/LTA (ext. 3569,
Michael Medel, Dean (BC-216, ext. 2201,
Grace Twedt, Administrative Assistant (BC204-C, ext. 8749,