Energy and Natural Resources

ERTH 116 - Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources is about how humans use energy on Earth, how we harness energy now, what we use it for, and prospects for the future. A backbone of the course is recognition that our current use of fossil fuels--for transportation, electricity generation, and industrial purposes--is causing global climate change. In this course we try to understand our current systems so that we can leverage what works toward the future, and we explore alternatives, mainly renewable energy sources. We also come to terms with electricity generation and the grid because so many new developments in the energy field have to do with these. 

The class is taught in a Team-Based-Learning format, which students reportedly love. Even in an online format we will do work in teams to solve problems related mostly to future options for energy use in California. The class is quantitative in nature (you will do some calculations), but everything from unit conversion to scientific notation is explained from the basics, so prior math or physics knowledge is necessary or assumed beyond rudimentary algebra.

Come explore with us! The energy field is changing so rapidly that every semester is new and slightly different. Learn how to be part of the solution!

Instructor - Bill Dinklage

Bill Dinklage