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Earth and Planetary Sciences

About Our Program


Earth and Planetary Science is for explorers! Their discoveries are worlds away and also next door. They study mountains and plains, oceans and atmosphere, the history of the earth and the life it supports, the origins of the universe, and the social, cultural, and economic relationship of humans to their environment.

At Santa Barbara City College, Earth and Planetary Sciences students can choose from a wide variety of courses, including Geology, Geography, Oceanography, Weather and Climate, Astronomy and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). All are designed to prepare them for exciting and rewarding careers.


We are excited about our new Astronomy major!  For more information on our program and classes we offer, please visit our Astronomy Home Page.

The Geology Major

Geologists are engaged in many important and exciting careers around the world. They evaluate environmental issues and impacts, assess geohazards such as earthquake, flooding, or landslide potential, explore for economic resources such as mineral, ground water or energy resources, and advise us on our interactions with earth systems.

 Working as a geologist offers benefits not found in many professions. Time is usually divided between the office and the out-of-doors, and there are frequent opportunities for travel. Most geologists see their work as more than just a job; they see it as a way of life. 

Our Goal…..

To provide you with the best two-year geology education available, and to prepare you with an excellent geologic foundation for transfer.

For more information, please visit our Geology Home Page

The Geography Major

Geography is the applied science of space and place. Geographers study spatial relationships and how the distribution of resources, people, and cultures around the world are affected by location as well as the human-environmental relationship. Human activities and the influence of the natural environment and our future within this environment are the main focus of geographers.

Career Opportunities
The Associate in Arts Degree in Geography provides for a liberal education and prepares students for positions in both the private and public sector. The field of Geography is growing and in demand in city planning, waste management, water management, non-profits, national and state parks, NASA, private industry, environmental solutions, resource management, inter-cultural communications, forestry, teaching, and more!

For more information, please visit our Geography Home Page

Meet the Department

Our department is made great by all who participate in our program, including faculty, staff, and students. To meet some of these people, visit our Meet the Department Page!

Department Offices

Information/Assistance:  EBS 114, ext. 4115
Elizabeth Gans, Administrative Assistant (EBS-114, ext. 4115),
Eiko Kitao, Lab Technician (EBS-114, ext. 3637),
Kevin McNichol, Lab Technician (EBS-118, 730-4116),
Jens-Uwe Kuhn, Dean,

Faculty and Offices