SBCC computer science student at a computer.

Computer Science

About Our Program

We are in the Computer Age. Virtually every occupation in the world today has an interface with computers. From the microprocessor under the hood of your automobile to the larger scale systems used by Congress to formulate new laws, we all are affected in our daily lives by computers. Never before in history has any single endeavor grown so fast or become so universally accepted.

At Santa Barbara City College, we are helping students meet the challenge presented by this new technology. Classes, from introductory to advanced topics, are designed to provide general education, transfer and occupational training. The A.S. Degree requirements to follow are designed to prepare students for employment or for transfer to both the CSU and UC systems.

Program Student Outcomes

  1. Decompose problems into algorithms.
  2. Create programs, using at least three languages.
  3. Create programs that use flow control and looping constructs (e.g., for and while).
  4. Create programs that utilize standard data structures (e.g., queues and lists).
  5. Create programs that use object-oriented concepts.
  6. Create programs, using current programming environments.

Department Offices

Computer Science Lab (H-245, ext. 4202/4205)
James Howard, Lab Teaching Assistant
Parker Shankin-Clarke, Lab Teaching Assistant
Dean: Jens-Uwe Kuhn
Contact Stephen Strenn for department-related questions

Faculty & Offices

Nathalie Guebels (H-317, ext. 5185)
Jacqueline Kuehn (H-215, ext. 4493)
Hassine Letaief (H-216, ext. 5108)
Salmaun Masooman (H-225, ext. 4773)
Stephen Strenn (H-217, ext. 4290)

Dr. Yoky Matsuoka
Dr. Yoky Matsuoka - former SBCC student and professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington
Read her story

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